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Skin Care Selections


Basic Skin Care Service

- Relaxing facial and neck cleansing care with special modeling pack from plant extracts and massage to moisturize and sooth skin. (45 mins, 60,000+up)


Soothing/Elastin Skin Care

- Basic skin care to revitalize your face, décolleté, upper shoulders and arms. Special amples with vitamin, Eslatin and collagen extract smooth your skin while Laser Technology regenerates and alleviates skin troubles. (60 mins, 80,000+up)


Whiting Skin Care

- Soothing skin care with Vitamin C amples to brighten your complexion and boost your skin’s immune system. Laser Technology to regenerate skin cells. (60 mins, 80,000+up)


Men’s Skin Care

- Basic skin care service for men’s varying skin types using soothing and Elastin amples. (50 mins, 50,000)

- Personalized Amples (+10,000 and up)

- Upper Shoulder and Arm Massage and Skin Care Service (+10,000)


Acne and Pore Treatment

- Soothing skin care treatment with three amples (fruit acid, anti-acne garlic extract, and sulfur) to address problem skin and reduce irritation. (60-80 mins, 80,000+up)

- Pore/pimple extraction (+5,000-10,000)


Aging Care

- Soothing skin care treatment with retinol, Vitamin C and caviar extract for treatment of warring skin and wrinkles. (60 mins, 80,000)


Skin Peeling

- Natural acids to exfoliate and remove layers of dead skin to leave a smooth Keratin layer. (30,000-300,000 by extract choices)


Blackhead Removal for Nose - (15 mins, 20,000)


Refreshing Eye Care Treatment

- Stimulating serum and collagen patch. (20 mins, 30,000-120,000)



Massage Services - Personalized care with aromatic oils


Foot Care

- Reflexology detox with shea butter cream and various extracts for lower leg and feet. (20 mins, 30,000)


Foot Spa and Scrub

- Relax with our warm-water sulfur foot bath and skin treatment. (30 mins, 30,000)


*Package A + Package B- 50,000\


Arm Care

- Hand to shoulder relaxation with slimming massage technique. (20 mins, 60,000\)


Leg Care

- Foot to Upper Leg massage and reflexology with slimming massage technique. (30 mins, 80,000\)


Abdomen Care

- All over health circulation for skin, muscles and inner organs. (20 mins, 60,000\)


Breast Care

- Great for overall women’s health to promote healthy glands and prevent illness. (20 mins, 60,000)\


Back Care

- *Owners Recommendation. The ultimate essential oil back massage using 3 essential oils. (20 mins, Female-60,000\/Male-80,000\)

- Back to hand massage (30 mins, Female-80,000\/Men-100,000\)



- Luxurious neck to toe massage using 3 essential oils. (80 mins, Female-120,000/Male-150,000)


Facial Lymph Draining Massage

- Head to décolleté to promote healthy lymph node glands. (25 mins, 30,000\)


*Package J + Package K- 100,000\


Ear Candle Cleansing

- 100% aroma ear candles from Germany. (15 mins, 30,000\)

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